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Business with 2 to 50 Employees

Businesses with 2 to 50 Employees

TSCRA Insurance Services was developed by ranchers who knew well that many ranches have just two people on the payroll—the husband and the wife. They also recognized that some ranch enterprises have dozens of ranch hands and employees.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the few companies that understand the unique characteristics of the ranching business. Blue Cross Blue Shield and TSCRA Insurance Services, Inc., recognize that a husband and wife who own a business, who buy supplies in the business name, have a business checking account and file the appropriate tax forms each year, are small businesses owners.

But if your ranch or business payroll includes up to 50 employees, TSCRA Insurance Services' fully-licensed professionals can customize a plan for you.

We provide affordable benefits packages for medical coverage to help you protect the people who work so hard to make your ranch a success—whether it's just you and your family, or you and your ranch hands who are almost like family.

Please click here or call 800-252-2849 so one of our client service specialists can provide you with more information on our plans.

If you would like to start on the enrollment paperwork, please click on the yellow box above to download the packet and return the completed forms to:

TSCRA Insurance Services
1301 W. Seventh Street, Suite 201
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Or fax to 817-336-5487.



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