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Individual & Family

Individual and Family

Independence and self-reliance are important traits for ranching families. But it is expensive to go it alone when you're looking for insurance for you and your family.

There is strength in numbers. TSCRA Insurance Services, Inc., serves a unique group of clients—independent ranchers banding together to form a buying group to purchase products for the health and well-being of their families.

With you as a TSCRA Insurance Services client, our power to negotiate the best rates and best variety of products for you, and all our clients, increases substantially.

Customize Your Plan

Our ranching families told us which features they look for in individual and family medical insurance products. We built those features into our plan. They are:

  • You choose the amount of your deductible and the level of benefits that suit your family and budget through the Premium and Select plans.
  • Our Premium plan doesn't cap benefits or limit prescription drugs. Our Select plan provides generous and affordable benefits.
  • Our plans don't drop families when they face a challenge, like a serious accident, illness or disease.
  • Our plans offer a family rate on medical insurance benefits that does not change with the number of children you have, saving our customers money in the long run.

As avid supporters of our families, TSCRA Insurance Services plans offer comprehensive maternity benefits—including pre- and postnatal care and newborn nursery services—all within the standard deductible and co-pay.

TSCRA Insurance Services plans a generous lifetime maximum to ensure our members don't get stuck with over-the-top medical bills from a serious accident, illness or disease.

Our plans are designed to keep yearly out-of-pocket maximum expenses under control.

We believe that preventive care is the best kind of care; therefore, there is no limit to a certain dollar amount per year.

TSCRA Insurance Services professionals are in Texas, ready to talk with you about the unique needs ranchers have and the products TSCRA offers to protect you and your family.

Please click here or call 800-252-2849 so one of our client service specialists can provide you with more information on our plans.

If you would like to start on the enrollment paperwork, please click on the yellow box in the upper right of this page. Download and return the completed forms to:

TSCRA Insurance Services
1301 W. Seventh Street, Suite 201
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Or fax to 817-336-5487.



Cattle Raisers Insurance • 1301 West Seventh Street, Suite 201 • Fort Worth, Texas 76102 • 1-800-252-2849 • Fax: 817-336-5487

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