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Health Care Coverage Qualifying Events

After Dec. 15, 2017, the Affordable Care Act will not allow you to make any changes to your health care insurance plan until the next open enrollment period. However, if you have a "qualifying event" you will be eligible to change your health care insurance coverage at that time.

This is a list of life events listed in the Affordable Care Act that are called qualifying events. If you have experienced any of these events, then you are allowed a 60-day window after the event to change your health care plan any time of the year.

Qualifying Events:

    • I gained a dependent due to marriage
    • I gained a dependent due to birth, adoption, or placement for adoption
    • I am no longer eligible as a dependent under my prior health insurance due to reaching the maximum age, legal separation, divorce
    or death of policyholder
    • I am no longer eligible for my prior health insurance plan due to termination of employment, reduction in number of hours of employment,
    loss of employer contribution toward my premiums, or I have exhausted my COBRA benefits
    • I gained access to new health plan options because of a permanent move
    • I am newly ineligible for payments of the advance premium tax credit
    • I am no longer residing or living in my prior health insurance plan’s HMO service area
    • An error occurred in my previous health plan enrollment
    • I have adequately demonstrated that my previous health plan or issuer substantially violated a material provision of its contract with me
    • I and/or my dependent(s) lost minimum essential coverage (due to reasons other than non-payment of premium or rescission)
    • Other qualifying event (as required or permitted by applicable laws)

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